February Trustees Work Session

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

February Trustees Work Session

It was a singularly uneventful Work Session of the Westhampton Beach Village Board this evening.

Aside from some business of the Village being done... which is exactly how it should be even if it was just shuffling some papers... there were no surprises, no fireworks, and not even any sharp exchanges between members of the Board or with audience members.

And even with one of the Board missing, it still outnumbered attendees.

(Deposed Deputy Mayor Jim Kametler was said to be taking the sun at his not-so-palatial single-wide in Naples, Florida.)

There was some mumbled discussion about the 2010 Beach fees and a revised access policy, as well as putting some enforcement provision into §196 Outdoor Dining and Music.

But the big question, that of the police disci­plinary actions, remained unaddressed, even when the usual suspect in the audience asked if there had been any progress, or if Trustee Joan Levan had yet requested a meeting with Village Labor Counsel Richard Zuckerman.

"No!" she shot back, and fixed the questioner with the hardest glare she could muster.

(It was met unflinchingly.)

The stare-down was ameliorated by Mayor Conrad Teller's gallant intercession that he hadn't requested a meeting either.

The Work Session ended after 35 minutes, and not much seems to have been accomplished.

That's pretty much been par for the actions of Village Government of late.


1. Surf's Up! said...

I thought the work session was the time-and-place for the issues to be discussed? How confusing! And the clock ticks on... and more pennies are left unquibbled!

In truth, Village Work Sessions are for exactly what happened last evening. No minutes are taken, there's a certain amound of colloquy between Board members and Department heads, etc., and Public participation is at the pleasure of the Mayor.

But yes, the clock ticks inexorably and money continues to be wasted.

2. Matlynn Carville said...

Methinks our gallant Mayor has got to stop being gallant for the moment.

It is supporting some EXPENSIVE and despicable behavior from a woman known for her ruthlessness. Enough, Mayor! This pussyfooting around is costing your constituents, and clearing this up is the right thing to do, sir.

I sense that the Mayor is of that mind to move forward on this matter... he's not the type to take his gloves off the way his predecessor did, however.

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