Village Progress Report...

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Village Progress Report...

...and, unfortunately, there is no progress to report in Westhampton Beach.

None! Zilch! Nada!

And we're all paying for it with our tax dollars while two cops on "restricted duty" sit around trying to figure out that morning's Daily News word jumble, scheme how to beat their mid­night shift assignments, and gripe about why they can't collect overtime.

As of this morning, no meetings with Village Labor Attorney Richard Zuckerman have been scheduled, and according to Mayor Conrad Teller, "none have been requested."

This impasse between the Mayor and Deputy Mayor Toni Jo Birk, and the Trustees troika of Joan Levan, Jim Kametler and Hank Tucker which has crippled the Village Police Depart­ment, remains despite Mrs. Levan's public assurances at the Village Board meeting earlier this month that she wanted to see it resolved.

(See the video record of that meeting.

At 0:14:56, Trustee Trucker states that he will "gladly enter into Executive Ses­sion" in order to resolve the police disci­plinary matters. That was 19 days ago!

At 0:57:50, Trustee Levan states that she "would like to have one meeting (with the Labor Attorney) and get this resolved."

At 0:59:02, pressed about when she plans to "get this resolved," Trustee Levan responds: "I hope quickly.")

Still we ask: "Whatcha waitin' for, Joan?"

This is just another example of the widening credibility gap Mrs. Levan creates at every step of the way in the police disciplinary matter.

And as Officers Michael Bruetsch and Joseph Pesapane pass the time at taxpayer expense inside the Police station with an enormous dark cloud undissipated above their heads, the Em­press of Oneck plays tennis.

Which is why there is no progress to report in Westhampton Beach.


1. Surf's Up! said...



2. UnReg.CI said...

Those two mutts don't have to "scheme" too hard to avoid midnight tours -- they just call in sick with a hangnail.

The ol' "blue flu" excuse? Wouldn't they need a note from their Doctor?

3. Specialist said...

"Supporting the truth, even when it is unpopular, shows the capacity for honesty and integrity" – Steve Brunkhorst.

No Hank, this comment does not relate to you.

"The longer you keep a lie secret, the larger it will grow. The larger it gets, the heavier it will be to catch if tossed back at you."

That's for you and your friends Hank!!!

I think they're starting to get a sense of that. This will make them even more desperate.

Notice how Trustee Tucker's nose has been growing of late.

4. Ready to Go said...

The Trustees need put down their rackets, stop the BS, and actually act. Hold the hearings! If they wait any longer, it'll be Summer, and then something else will come up....

That may be what they're counting on!

5. Oldtimer said...

Joan should worry less about teaching us how classy a sign should be, and get on with the important issues.

WHAAAA? Has the Empress of Oneck taken over the ARB now?

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