A Call from Anna

Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Call from Anna

Imagine my surprise, astonishment even, when the caller ID came up "Throne-Holst!"

"Madame Supervisor," I said.

"You can drop the 'Madam!'" and it wasn't a request, so I was spared the need of coming up with a clever variation on the Berlin, Crouse & Lindsay title.

(When the supervisor proposes, the blogger deposes.)

And how could I serve my Supervisor on a Sunday afternoon?

"I'm just trying to remind people of the Special Election March 9th," she said. "I need some help on the Town Board."

(She sounded tired, but I don't know whether it was fatigue... a friend tells me her day routinely starts at 5:00 am... from long hours working the 'phones, or discouragement from the responses she had been getting.)

"I think you probably want my wife."

"Absolutely I do," she responded brightly, "but I want to talk to you as well."

"In truth, I think the best you can do here is split the vote."

She made an amused sound, and followed up with some politically adroit remarks which, sincere or not, could have been interpreted as an endorsement of my vantage point.

During our brief exchange, she expressed her opinion that the Southampton Republican Party was pulling out all the stops for their candidate, and I had to remind her that the Town GOP, last I looked, hadn't seen fit to even add Bill Hughes to their website!

She seemed surprised, but I just looked and they still hadn't.

(The Calendar portion is current, though.)

O, well... there's 15 days left 'til the polls open, and I suspect that today's 'phone call won't be the last we receive on the contest.


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