Deadly, adjective

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Deadly, adjective

Friday evening began well with dinner at Mi­cole's: I enjoyed an excellent Calf's Liver with bacon and onions; Jeanne opted for "Shane's Shepherd's Pie" and learned what I've known for several years now: it's hard to im­prove on Brian Mazzio's version1 (at 2/3rds the cost) at Finn McCool's... if Brian's back on his feet.

(Memo to Brian: Hurry!)

Then we hit the Performing Arts Center for the 7:30 pm screening of an interesting looking Romanian film, "Politist, adj..

Yeah, well, "looks" can be deceiving!

It was brutal!

Between naps2 was spent trying to ignore my wife's increasingly insistent entreaties that we decamp forthwith and with a right good will.

While I had been weened on the plays of Samuel Beckett and Albert Camus, and their explorations of ennui, Jeanne was in no mood for Mittel-European minimalism.

I resisted her efforts until she started looking through her cellular contacts list to see if she still had the number of her divorce attorney.

We left at about the 65-minute mark, with an­other 50 minutes yet to unspool3.

And I'm all right with that... nothing had tran­spired in that opening hour or so for which I needed any sense of resolution.

  1. Recipe passed along from that maniac Chef Gordon Ramsay.
  2. Ordinarily less a commentary on the quality of the cinematic fare than the excellence of a preceding repast.
  3. Of the thousands of films I've seen during the past 65 years, the only other one from which I've left early was the execrable 1980 splatter flick, "Mother's Day." It was so bad it's now considered a "cult film."


1. Hampton West said...

The old MatchBox - miss the Friday night all-the-fried-clams-you-can-eat. Finn's pretty good - enjoy it.

Nearly walked out on "The Tenant" - a Polanski film wife #1 and I saw at the Five Points theatre (Now the Twin ) circa 1976 (we stayed at what is now the Inn on Main for a week); she was in a family way at the time, no wonder son #1 is a bit whacky - the movie was simply an excruciating descent of someone going mad - this movie too is now a cult favorite!

"Five Points," eh? You betray your lower East Side origins. 'Round here we call it Six Corners.

2. Surf's Up! said...

Thanks for the warning, I was going tomorrow!

Hey!, you may enjoy it. Under different circumstances, I might've enjoyed it also.

3. Hampton West said...

See - that creepy movie still has an effect on me! Must have been thinking of "Gangs of New York."

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