The Video...

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Video...

...of last week's Westhampton Beach Village Board meeting1 is now on-line.

Good thing, too, for those interested in a more reliable record of what occurred during the Feb­ruary 4th meeting than the account ap­pearing in today's edition of The Southampton Press Western Edition.

(In witness whereof, watch the video, then read reporter Hallie Martin's pub­lished version.)

In fairness, newspaper accounts are necessar­ily limited by space... but the editorial choices as to what is reported is the key.

But probably the best aspect of the video is in being able to watch Trustees Hank Tucker and, to a lesser extent, Joan Levan flop around at­tempting to prevent Mayor Conrad Teller from even reading the eight resolutions regarding the Police Department disciplinary matters.

Anyone who has watched these meetings over the past 2½ years, can tell when Mr. Tucker is aware that he is on thin ice, and the ice was never thinner for him than last week.

Particularly "thin" is when Mr. Tucker attempts to engage (at 00.59:57) with former Deputy Mayor Mark Raynor and explain that he dis­agrees with the Mayor and that he thinks the two Police Officers presently on restricted duty, Michael Bruetsch and Joseph Pesapane, should be returned to full duty.

On that basis alone, Mr. Tucker, who covets the Mayor's seat, should be recalled as unfit to serve in public office... he does not have the best fiduciary interests of the Village in mind.

Watch the video!

  1. And since the long-delayed franchise agreement with Cablevision was ratified at the meeting, it should be back on the Channel 22 (SEA TV) public access schedule by now as well.


1. Rround and round we go said...

HOLY MOSES... I have never seen anyone lie like Hank can. I think he actually believes himself.

He's just deranged enough that he may.

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