O, the hypocrisy...

Monday, February 08, 2010

O, the hypocrisy...

On this third anniversary of the Great Oak Street 'Possum-Shooting Caper, OtBB takes the opportunity to connect for posterity some otherwise disparate events and comment on Trustee Jim Kametler's remarkable myopia.

No re-hash of the then Deputy Mayor's actions are required. Suffice to note, he did something extra-legal, was caught red-handed, and there was no consequence... for him, at least.

Nor was there any legal conse­quence one year later when the operation of an unli­censed Bed'n'Breakfast at his 24 Oak Street domicile was exposed on this site.

And yes, OtBB gave the then (well-protected) Deputy Mayor a pass on his unauthorized use of Village equipment for his own commercial purposes when he did the handi­capped striping at his friend Angelo dela Fuente's premises at 30 Old Riverhead Road in late 2008...

Handicapped space using Village signage equipment without authorization.

...he seemed almost bullet-proof at the time.

Yet Trustee Kametler had the temerity to tell Police Chief Ray Dean at last October's Village Board meeting, as an excuse for attempting to keep the Chief out of the loop of the internal police investigation:

"...we didn't have any faith in your investi­gation skills because we had our Website turned off for 24 hours in the past, and you know what I'm referring to, and I have written correspondence from our Labor Attor... Village Attorney saying it was a felony and you found nothing wrong with the fact that our Website was turned off for 24 hours after a certain individual1 was terminated, his employment to this Village. OK? There was nothing wrong with that... you found... in your investigation. So there­fore we felt we needed to go somewhere else to investigate this."

(This is heard at the 0:26:40 mark of the video record.)

His reference was the Parthian shot by the summarily terminated Village Webmaster following the 2007 Organ­izational meeting when visitors to the municipal site were met with a screen that read:

Closed on Account of Petty Politics

For the record, that message was operational for less than 15 hours, nothing destructive was done, and the matter was easily remedied by the new Webmaster in under five (5!) minutes.

No shots were fired, no property taxes avoided, no fees illegally collected, no guns stolen/ hid­den, and no investi­gation by an outside agency was required!

(Can Mr. Kametler make the same claims without his tongue turning black?)

And here the Village is, with four plus months left in Mr. Kametler's third term of office on the Village Board, with him the majority vote in the troika that has been thwarting the orderly business of the Village since the start of his second term.

As badly as he has performed in office, he is but one of the albatross around the municipal­ity's neck.

  1. It is at that point in his blather that Mr. Kametler glances into the audience toward where I usually sit, having for­gotten that this was one meeting I wasn't attending. The Blogger's shadow is long.


1. Mrs Genetics said...

How would the Board stack up against, in terms of thwarting orderly business, the NY Legislature or US Senate? Seems that from local to national no governing body can make headway these days.

Not very well! I don't know how many members there are in the New York State Legislature (Assembly and State Senate combined), but there are 100 U.S. Senators.

The five member Village Board is dwarfed in comparison! There's no reason for their obduracy.
– Dean

2. DPW2010 said...

That blue striping at Angelo's was NOT done with the Village paint sprayer, so whoever's telling you this doesn't know what they're talking about!

Didn't specify "paint sprayer," only "Village equipment," #1, and, #2, OtBB stands by its original report.

If anyone in the Highway Department wishes to come forward with a statement, probably a good idea to speak with the Mayor.

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