Not-so-Super Bowl...

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Not-so-Super Bowl... first, but it sure got a whole lot better in the third and fourth quarters!

But then anyone who listened to that extra­ordinary, exhilarating half-time show by The Who, had to have been pumped up and ready to run though a concrete wall.

(No, the Kids are not all right... hell, two of them are long dead... but Pete Towns­end and Roger Daltry were terrific even though the latter came in a half bar early in the segue from "Pinball Wizard" to "Baba O'Riley." Best half-time ever!)

The traditionally inspired array of commercial messages were, um, underwhelming and the controversial 30-second spot paid for by the conservative Christian group Focus on the Family, went by so fast few viewers noticed.

(CBS craftily placed that spot, in which former Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow tackles his mom, immediately after another spot, for Snickers bars in which octogenarians Betty White and Abe Vigoda...wait for it!... are tackled.)

For anyone who missed any of those Super Bowl commercials, CBS has thoughtfully put them on-line.

(The best of the lot? The "Playing Nice" spot from Doritos. The creepiest one? "Funeral" ...from Doritos.)

O, yes, the underdog N'Awlins Saints came from 10 points down to beat the Indianapolis Colts, 31-17... and they earned it.

What's going to be the stinker in the Saints' victory will be the number of hack reporters who will unimaginatively play up the fact of the area having survived the devas­tation of the August 2005 hurricane.

Kudos in advance to the writer who summons up the image of the dejected Saints faithful who once sat in the stands of the Louisiana Superdome during the leanest years, with paper bags over their heads and referred to the team as the "New Orleans Aints."

Their quarterback during ten of those years was one Archie Manning, father of the losing QB this evening. I'm sure he feels for his son, but probably has some pangs of pride for the team he led for a decade.


1. HighHatSize said...

This is a clairvoyant comment* to a prospective blog:

"The Who".{sic} Jesus wept! Was there ever a lamer set?

Superannuated rock bands should be banned from the Superbowl{sic}. Everything that they did was a half beat slow in order to coordinate with Superbowl{sic} special effects timing.

The coordination rendered their performance totally prosaic and structured.

It was like watching Tommy set to Sousa.

Oh, god.{sic} I am so old! Just like Tommy.

Obviously I demur.

I don't think it's your age that's the problem.

(* - You may still have your boast of "clairvoyance." I moved this Comment from the older, and inappropriate, subject to which you appended it, to the related one.)
– Dean

2. HighHatSize said...

Ah. It is essential to the formation of one's character that, occasionally, one's perception, in laser clarity, of essential worth, is shown not to be shared by all.

Had the Tommy that performed at half-time been appearing at any of the venues that he inhabited while alive, he would have been hooted off the stage.

But, that is only my humble opinion. (Albeit, one that was shared, long-distance, by a fellow critic, before my posting.)

What "Tommy" do you imagine was "performed at half-time?" What I heard was the intro and one verse of "Pinball Wizard," and that hardly qualifies as "Tommy."

Not that it matters a whit, but the half-dozen others with whom I was gathered around the 60-inch screen at half-time, shared my appreciation for what the half-a-Who performed... essentially a 12 minute medley.

3. HighHatSize said...

Dear Dean,

There should be a,"{sic}," after "Souza" as well. I realized moments after posting that I had misspelled John Philip Sousa's last name.

I missed it also, so I'll just correct it.
– Dean

4. HighHatSize said...

Dear Dean,

I used the name, "Tommy," the youthful Roger Daltrey character in the eponymous rock opera, to contrast the geriatric, mannered performance of the half-time set.

And you couldn't even do that very well. You are bringing new understanding to the concept of "insufferableness," which, I suspect, is your whole intention.
– Dean

5. Matlynn Carville said...

What a bloody wet blanket HalfHatSize sounds like!

Didn't you hear the crowd of thousands singing along WITH them? It was ELECTRIFYING! At the party I attended, we were on our feet, volume at the max, being a part of that moment. Dude, you had to know, coast-to-coast, and abroad, every Boomer and afficionado of the era's music was singing along with our anthem of the times as well. To be a participatory part of that bigger consciousness was a blast!

Geez. Go get a fiber-enriched beverage. You DEFINITELY have a blockage somewhere! That was the best half time show I have witnessed. Ever! The energy, the comraderie. It blew out the house.

Which tracks with the experience where I watched the telecast... and I am not a "boomer!"

Try not to be too stern with HighHatSize... it occurs to me that he probably bet the Colts, and by the final gun, had it been Toscanini conducting the NBC Symphony Orchestra at halftime performing Tchaikovsky's 1812 Festival Overture with explosive effects by the U.S. Atlantic Fleet standing off Miami, he would have been pissy about it.

I'm pleased that you enjoyed it. I enjoyed it as did my much-nearer-to-being-a-boomer wife who has a trained musical ear, and our hosts.

It was a halftime spectacular... and it was great!

Let's move on.
– Dean

6. HighHatSize said...

Dear Dean,

No, that was not my intent. I was just having fun. While my observations as reported were genuine, neither the Super Bowl nor The Who are important enough to merit upsetting anyone with my comments. Sorry.

Yet you persist with your condescension.

7. MJP said...

Are all of you drinking the same J2-laced WHB water as the Village Board? Jeez! Get a grip. PS -- HHS, The Who were great! Next time maybe have a few "relaxants" before the half-time show IMO!

8. Tugboat Bertha said...

Many thinks to Matlynn Carville for that hilarious retort: "Go get a fiber enriched beverage. You must have a blockage somewhere." You gave me my laugh for today.

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