February Village Board Meeting

Thursday, February 04, 2010

February Village Board Meeting

Updated 02/05/2010 – 08:57 am

Several dozen hearty souls who braved the deep Winter temperatures this evening were treated to a lively session that clearly drew the battle lines between the troika and the Mayor and Deputy Mayor.

And the highpoint of the monthly Village Board meeting may have come when, following a brief furtive exchange between Trustees Joan Levan and Jim Kametler1, the deposed Deputy Mayor broke ranks with his bloc and voted with Mayor Conrad Teller and Trustee Toni Jo Birk to rescind an illegal resolution passed in October designating Trustee Hank Tucker as the sole Board member authorized to "interact" with the Village's Labor Attorney.

Ironically, it had been offered by Mr. Kametler as an add-on resolution, and carried 3-2, the Mayor and Mrs. Birk opposing. The Trustees were immediately informed by Village Attorney Hermon Bishop that "there may be a problem with that resolution," that it might be illegal.

(Note, that it has taken them four [4!] months to remedy the illegality.)

On the previous seven resolutions, each read by Mayor Teller and seconded by Mrs. Birk, the troika had run to their obstructionist form and declined to provide the critical third vote nec­essary for passage.

All seven resolutions were directly related to attempts to resolve the disciplinary matters involving Police Officers Michael Bruetsch and Joseph Pesapane.

All seven garnered sharp "Nay!" votes from Trustees Levan, Tucker and Kametler, despite the latter's seemingly genuine assertion following last week's Work Session that he wanted a resolution to the charges.

Trustee Hank Tucker

But before there could even be a reading of the eight resolutions, Mr. Tucker attempted what was in essence a one-person filibuster in an unsuccessful attempt to prevent the orderly progression of the agenda.

It was obvious that he knew he was on shaky footing, but try he did, and when he gets started, it's difficult to ward off his babbling.

But the Mayor hung tough while Mr. Tucker wheedled, whined and did everything he could to get the Mayor to defer the eight resolutions until they could be discussed "in executive session because they are personnel matters."

For his part, Attorney Bishop... who the troika would love to see gone... calmly and with in­creasing firmness, expressed his considered opinion that the Mayor was within his rights to go forward, and that Mr. Tucker could not stop him, and if they were opposed to the resolutions, they could always vote "No!"

At that juncture, it became clear that the troika didn't even want the resolutions made public, so as to continue to obscure their own nefarious intentions.

(If this is all too abstruse, it will be clear when... and if... the videotape of this evening's meeting is cablecast.)

The remainder of the meeting was unremark­able other than the long-delayed renewal of the contract between the municipality and Cablevision was finalized, and all of the Village's concerns appear to have been met.

(We shall see... there's oft a slip 'tween cup and lip, but Village Board meetings will again be seen on Channel 22.)

A fair number of the attendees2 took to the lectern to speak, including former Deputy Mayor Mark Raynor, ZBA Chairman Chris Bean and Carol Matthews, against the inexplicable and wasteful actions of the Board in their attempts to bury the Suffolk County Police Internal Affairs report which resulted in a cumulative nine (9) charges being leveled against Officers Bruetsch and Pesapane.

And as sure a sign of Spring in the offing as the Saint Patrick's Day or the first robin, Quiogue Nutburger Irene Barrett surfaced to resume prosecuting her jihad against Hampton Synagogue.

(Certainly nothing new on that count.)

Another notable moment occurred when, fol­lowing her second march to the microphone to rant about the Synagogue's non-religious ac­tivities3, the Nutburger was informed by Elyse Richman that she was planning her son's Bar Mitzvah there three years hence... then ever-so-sweetly tendered Ms. Barrett an invitation.

This evening's meeting was an important one in that the troika... particularly Mrs. Levan and Mr. Tucker... must realize that the jig is up as far as their white-washing of the disciplinary charges against the two police officers.

The only question at this point is, how much more taxpayer money they will waste before they remember who it is they are supposed to serve.

  1. It appeared that Mrs. Levan was remind­ing Mr. Kametler that #8 was the one on which it was all right for him to side with Mayor Teller and Mrs. Birk. When the Mayor finished reading that resolution. Mr. Kametler fairly jumped to offer the second before Mrs. Birk could.
  2. Yes!, ole reliable Mr. Outspoken was seen at the podium as well!
  3. Ms. Barrett is of the unalterable opinion that Bar Mitzvahs and orthodox weddings, etc., are illegal catering events held by the Synagogue.


1. Frank Wheeler said...

What do you mean "if the videotape of this evening's meeting is cablecast?"

We've seen what the troika has been capable of, and they looked so badly last night, they might try to bury the videotape and prevent it from being seen.

2. Mark Raynor said...

It was very entertaining last night at the Board Meeting. I am sorry that I have not attended more. Village residents should be up in arms at the way their tax dollars are being spent. It is very clear that the three majority members on the board have no clue how government works. If Mr. Tucker, by past resolution, was the only person to talk to labor council, what has he been waiting for? He has not made any attempt to get the labor council and the rest of the Board together.

Ms. Levan keeps blaming the Mayor but if Mr. Tucker was the sole person, by illegal resolution, what has he been doing?? I don’t feel that Mr. Tucker, Ms Levan and Mr. Kametler are representing Village taxpayers as they were elected to do. The Trustees are supposed to be conducting business that is in the best interest of the taxpayers. Dragging on a disciplinary situation for 3-4 months is unheard of, especially when it comes to Law Enforcement personal.

The Trustees should know Village law by now and know what they can do, what the Mayor can do and then listen to the taxpayers, who are footing the bills. The taxpayers voiced their opinion at the meeting that this police issue should be done and over with. Now the Trustees should act. Get together with the Labor Council ($250.00 an hour) or keep paying two police officers full pay to sit in the police station ($4000.00 every week) and not be on patrol as they were hired to do. This is one of those situations that nobody wins. It is out there so the Trustees and Mayor should deal with it and get it over with.

I feel that all the Trustees and Mayor should swallow their pride, get this problem behind them and start moving on with the business of the Village. To do this the Board and the Mayor have got to communicate with each other. Mr. Tucker should not be stating every meeting that he was not aware of the resolutions on the agenda. Talk, Talk Talk. That is the only way that positive things will happen for the Village and its taxpayers. Thanks, Dean.

– Ex-Deputy Mayor Mark Raynor

And thank you, Mark! As someone who has served in four administrations, your insights are valued.

3. Surf's Up! said...

I realize that January in the Hamptons is a crazy-busy time for us locals, but the Board members should be able to carve out a convenient meeting time, don'tcha think?

Their shenanigans are yet another embarrassment to our Village, and anyone who doesn't think so just hasn't been paying attention.

I'm tired of our being "DramaHampton" - grow up and do the job you were elected to do - minus the B.S.!

I don't think people have been paying attention! If they had, they'd've been at Village Hall last evening with 33 gallon bags of duck feathers and a cauldron of bubbling oil.

Considering the lying and the lengths to which they are going to white-wash the two officers, Bruetsch must have embarrassing photos of Levan and/or Tucker!

4. Surf's Up! said...

...or both? Together?????

I'm sorry, but that's a little too disturbing an image for me!

5. EastEnd68 said...

Hit them where it hurts – I call upon all Village residents and other concerned citzens to stop eating cheesecake made by local bakers except those made by Simon.

Wanna actually do something? Show up at Village Board meetings and Work Sessions and speak up. Don't hide behind your modem and a 'Net Name; stand up and be counted! They get very nervous when they know people are watching them.

6. Matlynn Carville said...

Heh, heh. Next thing you know Westhampton Beach will be the Hamptons village afflicted with the banished "Jersey Shore" MTV show.

Never seen a single second of that series, so I fear that your reference is lost on me.

7. Tugboat Bertha said...

Heard on Regis and Kelly Friday morning: The Jersey Shore show wants to move its venue to the fabulous Hamptons. Regis is all for it but Kelly wants them to stay in New Jersey.

Regis and Kelly? Well, why didn't you say so? It must be true!

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