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Monday, February 01, 2010

And in this corner... perhaps the most unseemly local match-up since Bob King and Fred Adams threw down with one another in the brokerage offices of Robb&Robb in the mid '80s, we have Ed Dean and Jim Kametler in of all places Waldbaum's.

It was shortly before 9:00 am Friday when words were exchanged, fingers were pointed, threats were made and Mr. Dean suggested that Mr. Kametler wait for him "outside."

(Breathes there a male who doesn't un­derstand the implications of "outside?")

A complaint was filed with the Village Police Department by Mr. Kametler later that morn­ing, and a cross-complaint today by Mr. Dean.

While few OtBB's regulars will require a score­card, for the uninitiated...

  • Mr. Kametler, age variously reported as 54 or 55, is a Westhampton Beach Village Trustee, deposed Deputy Mayor and former Village Police Officer who left that employment shortly before departmental charges were preferred.
  • Mr. Dean, a deceptive age 70, is the retired proprietor of Dean's Country Market, and father of Police Chief Ray Dean.

(No weights have been provided, but Mr. Kametler from all appearances out-bulks Mr. Dean.)

There have been no particulars given as to the exact nature of the words which were alleged to have been exchanged, but there is said to have been ill-will between the two men since Mr. Kametler took office on former Trustee Tim Laube's coattails in 2004 and began prosecut­ing a personal jihad against his former boss.

More if this develops further.


1. Jo Ann Dean said...

Dean, a quick correction. It was Mr. Kametler who asked to go outside. Mr. Dean was more than willing. Suddenly Mr. Kametler found enough brains in his cement head not to take the first blow.

Also Mr. Dean did not file a complaint. It seems Kametler will stop at nothing. He has now started with the Chief's father. What will be next?

Jim Kametler forgets how good Mr. Dean was to him in his younger days. It's sad how vendictive he has become toward our family.

Good to see you've joined the Internet age, Jo Ann.

But... let it not be said that you are not a disinterested party in this sad matter.

And if you re-read, you'll note I reported that Battlin' Eddie responded with a "cross-complaint." Did I misunderstand something?

2. Round and round we go said...

Shameful... what a tough guy! A 5 lb. animal and now a 70-year old senior.

I guess Mr. Dean is lucky that Jimmy didn't have his trusty six-shooter with him.

James forgot alot of things that people did for him, including how Conrad Teller took care of him all those years. No good deed goes unpunished!

I'm still musing about how sincere he seemed last Wednesday after the Trustees Work Session when he insisted he wanted to get these police suspensions resolved, and it sounded like he wanted to go forward with the Disciplinary Hearings.
– Dean

3. Surf's Up! said...

See? Waldbaum's brings out the worst in everyone!

Point taken.

4. MJP said...

Has anyone tested the drinking water in Westhampton Beach? Too much jet fuel in the mix?

Yes, there's that... the residual effect of the J2 spill at the AFB in the late '60s which ultimately caused Peters Lane to get piped for "city water."

But I think that it's mostly an affect of a mid-Winter malaise that often comes with this much snow.
– Dean

5. Sarah P. said...

Really!?! Starving homeless people in the world, Westhampton needs to grow up!!

You're not from around here, are you?

(Psssst! It's "Westhampton Beach." Wanna be critical? Know the difference.)
– Dean

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