There's one less option...

Monday, February 01, 2010

There's one less option...

Westhampton Steakhouse is no more.

Updated 02/01/2010 – 02:32 pm

...on the local "East Beat" as the Village of Westhampton Beach awakens to a new month.

Historic Mechanic's Hall is again available for occupancy as its most recent tenant, West­hampton Steakhouse, has quietly folded its tent and faded into the night.

Westhampton Steakhouse sign is gone, and a real estate "For Rent" sign stands in its place.
Westhampton Steakhouse is shuttered.

The closure happened just three weeks after the "shot(s)-fired/multiple stab­bings" event widely, and erroneously, reported in Newsday and on News12. (See OtBB and 27East.)

No one was available for comment, but it's likely that New Year's incident had a lot to do with Bill Schwegler's decision to pull the plug.

It's unfortunate... Jeanne and I never had any­thing but good dining experiences there over the past five years, and there just aren't that many places like that left in the Village.

In an irony that appeals to my mid-Winter sense of the absurd, at the time this was first posted, the Steak­house's Website was still op­erational... and that of the listing real estate agent wasn't.


1. Spencer said...

Oh Bummer! Now where will the Nocturns play?

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