Primary Day Update…

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Primary Day Update…

Prepare to say "Sayonara," Skip!

Trustee Linda Kabot bumped incumbent Sup­ervisor "Skip" Heaney from the top of the 2007 Southampton Town GOP ticket by 172 votes, 53% to 47%, in today's primary.

And that means, short of a massive swing to the Conservative line in the General Election November 6th, Heaney is history in Town Hall at the end of the year because Alex Gregor, the candidate who two years ago came the closest to winning on the Democratic ticket when he threw a major scare into Highway Superintendent Bill Masterson, won handily on the Independence Party line for Supervisor, beating Heaney by a more than two-to-one margin.

In the Council contest, Nancy Graboski edged out the Town GOP organization's designee Jim Drew, 35% to 33% while Dan Russo finished 11 votes back in third place so he's off the Republican line as Graboski and Drew will have the two Republican slots in November.

In an interesting development, young Russo will be on the Southampton Town Independ­ence Party line where he out-polled Graboski and Drew, 101 to 60 and 49 respectively. The vindicated Mrs. Graboski will therefore have three (R, C and I) lines to two each for Drew (R and C) and Russo (C and I). With at least one strong Democratic candidate, that means the two Council seats are really up for grabs this year.

At this juncture Mrs. Kabot looks like a strong favorite to be the next Southampton Town Supervisor. It all depends on how Heaney comports himself during the rest of the Election... his party's regulars having spoken, will he "do the honorable thing" and lay low, or will his not-inconsiderable ego dictate that he run an aggressive campaign from the Conser­vative line and risk so splitting the non-Demo­cratic vote that the Dems candidate for Super­visor, Jim Henry, slips in?

For his part, Mr. Henry has lessened that risk significantly with last week's dubious news reports about his not-very-stealthy campaign mischief.

(This'll make what?, four straight Demo­cratic candidates for Southampton Town Supervisor who will not be competitive? Mr. Henry looks hands and shoulders above the previous three designees, but c'mon, getting caught vandalizing oppo­nents' campaign signs demonstrates the greatest lack of common sense in a local politician since Westhampton Beach's Deputy Mayor unleashed a volley of .38 caliber handguns rounds in a densely populated residential area at an object he suspected was a rabid opossum.)

So, Linda Kabot, the watch words for the next seven weeks are: "Don't do anything stupid!"

The real fun, should the ladies Kabot, Graboski and perhaps one of the Democrats, Anna Throne-Holst, prevail in November, will come in January when it will come time to name someone to fill out the last two years of Mrs. Kabot's term on the Town Council. That could be the political equivalent of a cage match because unless Linda allows the milk of con­ci­liatory kindness to flow in her bosom... unlikely given the temperament of her adviser, former Town Supervisor Vince Cannuscio... observers of the fray don't see her selection coming from within the ranks of the Town GOP organization.


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