On The Beach Blog | August 2017

Monday, August 28, 2017

Season 7's Most Satisfying Death

Spoiler Alert! If you've not yet seen the "Game of Thrones" Season 7 finale currently on HBO, pass by!

Seen it and want to relive a scene, c'mon in! More...

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Do they all share the same stylist?

We're asking about, [l-r] MSNBC's Rachel Maddow, for­mer ABC News political director Amy Walter and ESPN's Kate Fagan.

Maddow, Walter and Fagan

Jus' wondering....

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Jeanne has made the scene...

...and I'll be "batching" it for the next four-five days while she is off to, of all places, Wyoming where her son Baier the Doctor is fulfilling his residency requirement.

The critical element in this is that Sassy, puppy boy Rosco and I will be watching the Season 7 finale of "Game of Thrones" alone Sunday evening.


The 80-minute episode's title is "The Dragon and the Wolf," giving me hope that along with dragons, one of the two surviving direwolves, "Nymeria," will be in action!

I am breathless in anticipation! More...

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Am I so sheltered that I just now...

Antifa logo

...learned what Antifa is, and what role it's been been playing around America over the past several years?

(Antifa = "anti-fascist," a commendable political and social stance which seems to have been co-opted by loosely organized, mask-wearing radical Leftists.)

What's propelled it into my (and others) consciousness this week has been the violent events in Charlottesville last Friday, and the war of words between the Trump Admin­istration and the media. More...

Monday, August 14, 2017

The forgotten Boy of Summer

Gil Hodges Bobblehead

In truth, the man will never be forgotten by me or any of the "Flatbush Faithful" from the lively Dodgers days in Brooklyn, but it is those myopic mutts on the Hall of Fame Oldtimers' and Golden Days committees who either have huge holes in their memory banks, or are simply ignorami who have neither the wit nor the pride to perform their job properly.

I rise to again address the issue of Gilbert Ray Hodges' disgraceful absence from Baseball's Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York. More...

Friday, August 11, 2017

A timely blast (heh heh) from the past!

Federal Civil Defense Administration

I didn't even think of this in October 1962 when half the country was sure that JFK's brinksmanship with Nikita Khrushchev had plunged the world into nuclear Arma­ged­don over the subject of... surprise!... missiles where we didn't want them.

Unusual, considering I grew up in the '40s when the United States developed and tested the world's first nuclear weapon (then called an atomic bomb) and then proceeded to drop a pair of them on Japanese cities on the otherside of the world.

Japan, already fighting a series of losing battles in a war they had started 44 months earlier, quickly sued for peace and agreed to an unconditional surrender less than ten days after the second mushroom cloud appeared over the Land of the Rising Sun.

(I remember that evening, the setting sunlight struggling around the blackout shades darkening my bedroom as the bells of the Beach Methodist Church pealed joyously throughout the evening.)

It wasn't long before the country, if not the world, was swept up in an abiding fear of atomic bombs, and by the early '50s "Popular Mechanics" was publishing plans for what came to be known as "bomb shelters."

(We didn't go that far, but by the time our father had deployed to Korea... remember that name!... we had case goods of Mary Kitchen Roast Beef Hash and Campbell's condensed soups... heavy on Black Bean and Bean with Bacon... in our basement.)

Anyone paying attention to this week's news, can under­stand why I felt this might again be pertinent!

(Pretty terrifying stuff to a pre-teenager!)

On a historical note, the Federal Civil Defense Administra­tion, created by President Truman in 1948, went through a series of mergers and consolidations, from the Office of Civil and Defense Mobilization under President Eisenhower in 1958 to the Office of Civil Defense in 1961 and the Office of Emergency Planning less then two months later (both under JFK), then being renamed the Office of Emer­gency Preparedness under LBJ in 1968 and finally abolish­ed by Nixon on July 1, 1973.

Just remember, "Duck and Cover" is still a sound strategy, and an even better one if you've prepared a place in which to do it.

Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Pete Fenner (1936-2016)

This was passed onto me just this afternoon.

David Fenner, age 80, died Thursday, Aug. 25, 2016, in Portland, after suffering a stroke. He was surrounded by family, and passed peacefully.

Pete was born April 18, 1936, to John and Janice (Gleason) Fenner in Montclair, N.J., the middle of three children. He grew up in Madison, N.J., and graduated from Madison High School in 1954. Pete attended Lehigh University, and graduated in 1958 with a degree in Industrial Engineering.

Nancy Royce weds Pete Fenner After college, he married his childhood sweetheart Nancy Carrell Royce, and began a long career with Ma Bell, starting as an engineer with Western Electric, and finish­ing as a Vice President and Divi­sion Head at AT&T. More...

Thursday, August 03, 2017

August Village Board Meeting

After opening the meeting acknowledging that Clerk of the Village Elizabeth Lindtvit has been Certified by the New York State Society of Municipal Finance Officers and tossing some kudos at Westhampton Beach Police Detec­tive Steve McManus for his efforts in illegal pharmaceutical diversion, Mayor Maria Moore got down to business with a Special Exception Application for Entertainment Permit for The Claddagh Restaurant.

Following a recommendation by the Planning Board, a final approval of The Claddagh's permit was contingent on re­submitting a completed application.

Although the actions occurred this past April, the real news to emerge from the Village Board meeting was that due to the joint efforts of the Drug Enforcement Administration and the Village Police Department, an investigation More...