On The Beach Blog | July 2014

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Pardon the Interruption

(With insincere apologies to Kornheiser and Wilbon.)

For a wee bit longer, this very entry will have to serve as "fresh content" while OtBB switches hosting services; it takes 24-48 hours for the new digital address to propagate through the root name servers and cache records across the entire Internet.

Back live and original any moment now... just wanted both the faithful and the curious to know the circumstances have nothing to do with the Dowager Empress of Oneck and her forces of darkness.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Put the freakin' rocks back on the moon!

The lead story on the CBS Evening News just now was "violent weather!" (With emphasis on the exclamation point.)

  • "A storm system tearing across the country brings a rare tornado to the Boston area."
  • "Deadly lightning hits a Southern California beach."
  • "And wildfires threaten hundreds of homes."

Only with that out of the way did James Brown... More...

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Now it can be told...

...being the back end of a story that was fully covered by OtBB during this year's primary campaign for the 1st Con­gressional District between the Republican Party's choice of Lee Zeldin and third time challenger George Demos.

(And no, third time was not a charm for Demos!)

The embargo'd material during primary season isn't going to cause even a ripple anywhere, but in reviewing it, I feel it's now blog-worthy... mostly because Demos still pisses me off due to the stultifying vacuity of his campaign. More...

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Me 'n' my Kindle Fire

Jeanne got me the device for my last birthday argu­ably the most advanced "toy" I've ever had... behold Amazon's Kindle Fire.

I had no idea what to do with it, or how it worked, but since my eight-year-old Dell laptop was dying, and the Kindle Fire, I quickly discovered, had a number of capabilities I knew nothing of, we quickly got much better acquainted. More...

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Only in San Francisco...

...we can but hope as news that the city which gave us Carol Doda, the Symbionese Liberation Army, and the Twinky Defense, has exceeded its absurdness this time around!

Funding for Golden Gate Bridge suicide barrier approved

"San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge Board of Directors unanimously approved $76 million in funding to erect a 20-foot-wide steel net -- extending out from each side of the 1.7-mile span -- to deter would-be jumpers." More...

Monday, July 21, 2014

Did he or didn't he?

That was the question occupying the sports talk shows and baseball blogs last week: did National League starting pitcher Adam Wainwright "groove one" as a "going away present" to Derek Jeter to start the New York Yankees Captain's final All-Star game?

Jeter, leading off the first inning Tuesday evening, wacked a solid double into right field and moments later scored the game's first run when Yasiel Puig mis-played Mike Trout's blast into an RBI triple. More...

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Are they kidding?

There's a brief amusing scene in Season Two of HBO's brilli­ant "The Wire" involving Detectives Herc and Carver and one of the indigenous population...

The corner kid is a little unsure whether the white cop is screwing with him, and the thing is, after watching Herc screw up in any number of ways in just a season and one-half, we're not sure if he's serious either. More...

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Helluva Day!

What a start to Wednesday:

Missile downs Malaysia Airlines plane over Ukraine, killing 298; Kiev blames rebels

(Those whose first thought was that this has not been a banner year for Malaysia Airlines, may be forgiven.)

And the more we learn of this horrific action, the more it seems that Russia's hands are not clean either.

And here we thought that Ronald Reagan had ripped the barely-beating heart from the chest of The Evil Empire 23 years ago come December! More...

Angelo disgusted

Angelo De La Fuente, as he signs his name in this week's Western Edition (and all these decades I thought it was "dela Fuente") has taken up pen to castigate The Southampton Press for running with last week's front page headline, which he characterized as:

Starting Salary Could Double

Calling it "inflammatory," Señor De La Fuente thought the headline "negative" despite its accuracy.

And that seems to be the problem... its accuracy. More...

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

July Village Board Work Session

An easy Work Session for Mayor Maria Z. Moore this evening, and while some of her supporters... husband Tom, Joan Levan, Angelo De La Fuente, scofflaw Elyse Richman, and sundry real estaters (including "realistic" from 27East)... were in attendance, no significant changes to the Village of Westhampton Beach Code were discussed.

What was abstracted was the elimination of the "incarcera­tion penalty" from §96 and §197 of the Code, so Ms. Rich­man won't be facing jail anytime soon, only an increase in fines if she persists in her flouting of local laws. More...

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Jack was back...

Title art

...but now he's gone again, vol­un­tarily surrendering to the revenge-minded Russians in exchange for safe conduct and the life of his best friend, Chloe O'Brian.

Not that Jack and Ms. O'Brian didn't have their rough patches this truncated season... she fell for a wrong guy, naturally, and it looked like she was going to betray our Promethean protagonist. More...

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Good TV Commercial

Updated Monday, 07/14/2014 – 07:32 pm

Unless they were the ones from last year's Super Bowl ('cause I am a well-known sap for a certain type of senti­ment), I'm the guy pitching a bitch about various television advertising... "Big Pharma" has been in my sights of late.

"Empty Chair" is a 60-second institutional spot for Guiness which debuted during half-time of this afternoon's nail-biter World Cup Final between Germany and Argentina on net­work ABC, and caught my eye in a most positive way.

(The 90-second version:) More...

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Less than a week...

Updated Saturday, July 12, 2014 – 02:37 pm

...following the swearing in of the Mayoral candidate whose election she successfully engineered, the Dowager Empress of Oneck is back at it, deeming herself to be such a force within the Village of Westhampton Beach that she is above the law.

Waldbaum's Parking Lot

That she deems it to be "for a good cause1," likely trumps anything else in Joan Levan's imperious mind. More...

Friday, July 11, 2014

The 'word'

Remember The Trashmen's wildly improbably 1963 hit (#4 on the charts), "Surfin' Bird?"

"A-well-a, everybody's heard about the bird
Bird, bird, bird, b-bird's the word...."

No, "bird" isn't it, but say the secret word and a duck will come down and give us a unified police force.

(And the secret word this month is: "consolidation.")


Wednesday, July 09, 2014

"And as my second official act...

...I wanna double my annual salary, never mind that I've been in office for less than two days!"

– Mayor Maria V. Moore, Westhampton Beach

New Westhampton Beach Mayor Seeks Pay Increase

This can certainly be termed an inauspicious start to Mayorette Moore's start in office, and has some residents wondering how this reconciles with her campaign platform.

(A review of that platform is no longer possible as that part of the Progress4WHB website has been deleted.) More...

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Estádio Mineirão, Belo Horizonte shocker

No one... and I mean no one... saw this coming, or even imagined something as one-sided as Germany's 7-1 defeat of host country Brazil in the 2014 FIFA World Cup semi-final match just concluded.

"Defeat?" How about a complete and utter depantsing in front of a world-wide television audience!

(Only a brilliant solo effort by Brazil's Oscar with two seconds left in regular time prevented the shut-out.)

Even with the finality of the mounting score throughout, it was an exciting match due to Germany's More...

Monday, July 07, 2014

July Village Board Meeting

...which by tradition and Village Law is Westhampton Beach's annual organizational meeting where the recently elected officials are administered their oaths of office, ap­pointments are made, finanacial institutions and media are given official designations, etc.

Or not, as newly elected Mayor Maria Z. Moore made her running mate, Junior Palmer, the Deputy Mayor and, per­haps wisely, held off all other appointments until the Au­gust 7th Village Board meeting.

But ye Gawds and Ben Larsen, the meeting room More...

Saturday, July 05, 2014

I can barely wait...

...'til this one opens August 22nd:

Postter for "Sin City: A Dame to Kill for"

The 2005 original "Sin City" caught me completely More...

Thursday, July 03, 2014

The Press gets it wrong... very wrong!

It's good that it wasn't a factual news story, but still! This morning's lead editorial, "Trial By Fire," a mish-mosh of conjecture and uninformed opinion, was w-a-a-a-y off-base when it wrote:

"...it is ludicrous1 for Chief Dean to think that the board would even consider rubber-stamping his second-in-command, Lieutenant Trevor Gonce, as his successor based solely on the chief's recommendation."

Several things become abundantly clear from that passage: More...

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

My World Cup Watch...

...by all rights should have ended now that the United States has fallen to Belgium, 2-1, in an exciting extra-time contest.

But no! The World Cup may be over for USA, but there's still another ten games to go before it's over for another four years when the countdown starts anew in Russia.

I've seen parts or large chunks of about six of the games played in Brazil so far, and not only are they eminently watchable, but several have been really exciting and I'm sorry columnist/pundit Ann Coulter doesn't "get" it. More...

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Dinner and Big Pharma don't mix

TV's national news hour (6:30-7:00pm) is loaded with Big Pharma advertising, a distressing preponderance of which seem to be for the type of feminine products which only used to be discussed between a woman and her gynecol­ogist in the privacy of her doctor's inner office!

Now it's too frequently served with my evening meal, and it's, um, off-putting.

"Intercourse that is painful due to menopausal changes."

But that's not the really off-putting part! More...