On The Beach Blog | December 2014

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Here's a quick lesson...

...that I'm surprised that was published in The Armed Citizen column of the National Rifle Association's monthly periodicals.


(TAC is an omnibus compilation of news briefs in­volv­ing, as the title suggests, lawful use of firearms by citizens to thwart violent criminals acts.)

One incident cribbed from the Waterbury, Connecticut Republican American in late October caught my eye: More...

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Really, Patricia?

Just noted... belatedly... that the December 11 27East story...

Westhampton Beach Board Taps Gonce As Next Police Chief

...had been updated six days later with some curious comments by Westhampton Beach Village Trustee Pat DiBenedetto: More...

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas one and all...

...except for those four (4!) deer I just now shouted out of our shrubbery and across Main Street!

Monday, December 22, 2014

Ga$oline... an update

T'was less than a fortnight past that OtBB raised the issue of gasoline prices here and in Riverhead, noting that while regular gas was $2.859 on Route 58 it was "still well over $3.00/gallon here."

Valero, Westhampton Beach

Well, tonight it had eeked its way below $3.00/gallon at the Valero station on the corner of Montauk High­way and Old Riverhead Road to $2.999!

(Okay, so it's only one mil, but it broke that $3.00 barrier!)

Empire, Route 58, Riverhead

Ah, but exactly 9.9 miles away at the Empire station up on Route 58, regular gas was pumping at $2.659, and I was able to fill up for $35.00.

(Earlier this month it had cost me $40.00 for less fuel at the same station... and I thought I'd gotten off easy!)

Again, why the disparity between there and here... and Eastport ($2.679) while we're at it?

Sunday, December 21, 2014

End of watch...

Mourning officers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos

What is this, 1971-72?

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Never one to waste an opportunity...

...at audacious self-promotion, our local lady in black and proprietrix of the modest Shock empire, is certainly getting her money's worth... all $250 of it... out of her recent conviction of a sign code violation.

Pricey prosecution over Westhampton Beach ice cream cone sign ends with $250 fine

The Newsday article by Will James... who cut his reportori­al teeth on Mitchell Road... is accompanied by a More...

Friday, December 19, 2014

Cue The Beatles...

Elizabeth Lindtvit

Tha's all right, Liz... everyone's allowed to act a little goofy on their natal day!

Many happy!

P.S. - You're doing a terrific job!


Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Okay, here's the deal...

...with the Westhampton Beach Police Department: it's all about the conflicting visions of the new Police Chief Trevor Gonce and the Village Board which belatedly appointed him.

One thing the residents have to know that whoever ap­proached William Wilson to succeed Ray Dean...

  • ...does not have the best interests of the Village at heart;
  • ...is a manifest idiot!

(I mean, William Wilson Jr.??? Who the hell did even a cursory vetting of the man?)

So in the feelings of elation/sense of relief at the More...

Saturday, December 13, 2014

It's a disgrace!

Gil Hodges 1951 Bowman Baseball Card

I'm both furious at Major League Baseball's Golden Era Committee and tremendously sad that once again Gil Hodges was shamefully refused a spot in Cooperstown!

He sure as hell earned it during a playing career that spanned from 1943 to 1963 with two years out for service in World War II where he saw combat in the Pacific, earn­ing a Bronze Star. More...

Friday, December 12, 2014

In case you missed it yesterday...

...Nancy Genovese (remember her?) just pulled down a hefty score from her wrongful arrest and imprisonment lawsuit for talking photos of a decommissioned fighter plane marking the 106th ANG portion of Gabreski Airport.

Attorney: East Quogue woman 'labeled a terrorist' awarded $1.1M in damages

"The $1,112,000 was awarded to the mother of three for pain and suffering. There will be a second trial to determine if there should also be punitive damages...."

The original plaintiffs included Suffolk County, Southamp­ton Town and a number of police officers involved in the August 2009 incident.

At this point the best that can be said for the taxpayers is that at least it wasn't the $70 million that Anna Throne-Holst's personally recruited Town Attorney, Michael Sordi, allowed to become a default judgement.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

'Bout freaking time

Newly sworn Police Chief Trevor Gonce signs his Oath of Office

Trevor Gonce is now provisional Chief1 of the Westhamp­ton Beach Police Department, a position for which he has been groomed by his former boss, Ray Dean, the FBI Academy and the crucible of backroom politics for the past 15 years.

Don't misunderstand; Trevor Gonce is one of the least political animals you will ever meet... but he's learning. More...

O Maria! You got some...

...learning to do, and you'd better take a crash course at your first opportunity.

From this morning's Southampton Press Western Edition's story on the Will We/Won't We Wilson fiasco:

"[Mayor Moore] declined to comment further on the situation, stating that it is a personnel matter."

No it's not, Maria, and you cannot fall back on that every­time you're not prepared to answer a question put to you by a reporter or a blogger as you have done at least twice now in the past six days, once on the issue of Police Department Consolidation and again now on the hiring of a Police Chief.

C'mon now! Remember that "transparency" thing?


And based on the most recent item on your own site, under your own name, I see that you are still confused.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A ride to Riverhead and back

Jeanne and I went across the Riverhead Plains yesterday midday to discharge a couple of quick errands.

Item the First: Jeanne was able to fill up her Toyota Prius (a hybrid) at Empire on Route 58 for 2.859. Why is it still well over $3.00/gallon here?

I usually direct that to our New York State Assemblyman Fred Thiele, but he just issues a press release announcing that he's sent an official letter to Albany about the matter, and it dies there.

Item the Second: on the drive back to Westhampton Beach in the driving rain, about every third or fourth vehice com­ing in our direction, had their windshield wipers on, but no headlights per New York State Law.

One car with its wipers going and its headlight off was a marked Suffolk County Sheriff's car.

Hamlet's final ride on his Harley...

SoA title art

...ended as it had to, crashing head­long into a semi out on Interstate 580 following a protracted medium speed chase by several dozen police vehicles with flashing lights and whining sirens.

And with Jax Teller's willful intrusion into the grill of an on-coming Peter­bilt, so ended the unforeseen seven year run of cable Fx's fascinating "Sons of Anarchy." More...

Tuesday, December 09, 2014

The Village dodges the Wilson bullet

The big headline on 27East last evening read:

Westhampton Beach Offers Police Chief Job To Wilson; Rescinds Offer Six Days Later

"The Westhampton Beach Village Board on Friday with­drew an offer it had made less than a week earlier to former Southampton Town Police Chief William Wilson Jr., one of eight candidates it had interviewed...."

Make no mistake... the biggest part of the story is that the Village Board settled on Wilson as the most suitable More...

Monday, December 08, 2014

Police Consolidation: what went on...

...behind closed doors (but shouldn't have!) at Six Corners prior to West­hamp­ton Beach's decision to not consolidate the Village Police Department with that of Southampton Town.

The idea was first raised publicly following a curious story in The Southampton Press. At the September 4, 2014 Village Board Meeting, under specific questioning by two members of the audience, all five Board members denied contacting the Town about consolidation, or even having knowledge of such a scheme prior to reading about it in The Press.

(Video record of that September meeting.) More...

Saturday, December 06, 2014

Are they freakin' kidding me?

WTF? balloon

At the end of this evening's Red Wings-Rangers game... yea! Wings!... I flipped over to CBS to see what college football action was on view, and I couldn't believe what I was seeing on my 46-inch screen.

My first thought was that something hideous had hap­pen­ed to the color controls of the set... I mean, the playing field, the end zones, even the uniforms of the 22nd ranked Boise State Broncos and the 6-6 Fresno State Bulldogs! More...

Friday, December 05, 2014

Village Board Meeting addendum

I've received two (2!) 'phone calls this morning wanting to know if the subject of a "Grocery Store" or "Super Market" use being added to the B2/B3/I1 districts was broached at last evening's monthly Village Board Meeting.

At the November Trustees Work Session when Mayor Moore not-so-artfully introduced the matter, there was a fairly strong sense that this would be addressed at the December Board meeting, probably in the form of a resolution to retain the environmental/economic planning firm of Nelson, Pope & Voorhis to study the impact of such a zoning change.

Whatever was supposed to happen last night, didn't, and the strong suspicion is that the pro-zoning change forces simply didn't have the necessary votes.

A new Police Chief and adding a Super Market use: two meaty matters on the boil now moved back to simmer.

Thursday, December 04, 2014

December Village Board Meeting

It was a well-attended monthly Westhampton Beach Village Board meeting at Six Corners this evening and while the long-awaited appointment of a new police chief was not forthcoming, a replacement for the upwardly mobile former Leanne Gionta was announced: Janet Jurgielewicz.

Ms. Jurgielewicz was selected from a Civil Service List and her name handed up by Justice Robert A. Kelly Jr. to be his Justice Court Clerk effective December 8, 2014 at an an­nual salary of $40,000. More...

The Orwellean Model of information...

... described in the 1949 novel Nineteen Eighty-Four is taking hold for fair in the Village of Westhampton Beach.

Back in May of this year OtBB made note of the job held by George Orwell's protagonist "Winston Smith," a clerk in the Records Department of the Ministry of Truth where he is tasked with rewriting historical documents in order to match the constantly changing policies of the ruling power.

That was during the run-up to the Village Election, and all's fair in love, war and, as we see on a daily basis, politics. More...

Where's Waldo?

That's an easy one... he's on cable TCM (channels 34/734) Friday evening at 6:30 pm, when Otto Preminger's 1944 classic "Laura" is showing.

Lobby card from "Laura"

(That's him in the middle between Gene Tierney and Vincent Price, the splendid-looking fellow in black tie, "Waldo Lydecker" in the person of the incomparable Clifton Webb.)

I got the heads up on this from an old friend from from the Second Amendment wars, Harry Schneider, who recall­ed when I used that as a byline in the gunzines, and thought I'd be amused. More...

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Of passing interest...

...or amusement, actually. From yesterday's The Suffolk Times:

Town Board set to appoint justice court director Tuesday

"The Southold Town Board is poised to fill its vacant justice court director position Tuesday with the ap­pointment of the current director of the Westhampton Beach Justice Court." More...

Monday, December 01, 2014

Sometimes the best thing you can do...

No "Grocery Store" in B3 and I1

...is say 'no'

There are two great truths in life: the first is that history is the best predictor of the future. The second is that those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

First, the history lesson.

Up until the mid 1970s, downtown Riverhead was the premier shopping district on the East End. With three supermarkets, three jewelers, three shoe stores, clothiers, appliance stores, drug stores and other retailers... it was the place you went shopping. More...