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OtBB Policies

Statement of Policies

  • The Blogger... that's me, Dean Speir... reserves the absolute right to publish or not publish readers' Comments as I see fit.
  • That said, Comments without any E-mail address provided are simply deleted without further consideration.
  • I have no problem with publish­ing relevant Comments that are critical of a blog entry... or even the entire On The Beach Blog for that matter... as long as the Commenter uses a genuine E-mail address. Comments from fake E-dresses become los desaparecidos.
  • Questionable Comments are subject to having their listed E-dress confirmed... if my E-mail to the Commenter bounces (return­ed as undeliverable) or is not acknowledged or responded to in a reasonably timely... again, solely my decision as to what constitutes "reasonably timely..." fashion, it won't be published.
  • The entire contents of On The Beach Blog Website is copy­righted by Dean Speir, and may not be used elsewhere without prior permission. No portion of the Content may be republished on any Internet, Intranet or extranet site or incorporate the Content in any database, compilation, archive or cache.