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About the Blogger

Dean Speir, WHB QT Blogger

Dean Speir... that's me... has been clocking and participating in Westhampton Beach Village Government since 1968. He served as a Member of the Village's Zoning Board of Appeals from September 1985 through May 1996, the final six as Chairman.

In 1986 at Mayor "Ham" Andon's urging, Dean created the Mayor's Office of Film and Video Services, serving without compensation in that position until he was without notice removed following the 2007 Municipal Election.

In 1999, Dean created the Village's first ever Website, maintained it, filled it with content, and redesigned it, until terminated... wait for it as Radar O'Reilly used to say... following the 2007 Municipal Election.

As for the blog's title, On The Beach was an obvious choice for this effort as Dean wrote (under the sobriquet "Waldo Lydecker") for 7½ years a weekly column of that name in The Hamp­ton Chronicle-News during the dis­heveled '80s and for three years running even garnered New York State Press Association recognition writing about everything from Club Marakesh, the early years of the AIDS epidemic, and "Hizzoner Robert W. Morgan, Jr., 15th and Almost Final Mayor of Westhamp­ton Beach" It was an interesting time for the Village, and the column's title was not only name-appropriate, but was a not-so-subtle reference to the 1959 film based on Nevil Shute's bleak post-nuclear novel.

This has been Dean's first attempt at "blogging," and from the stats of daily visitors and the visitor/reader Comments, he's been pretty effective over the past ten (10!) years.